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Welcome to my blog where I share my startup experience and business knowledge to help you build your startup. I dedicate to sharing relevant startup news and report best tools, tips and investment opportunities that can benefit Arab and Middle Eastern Entrepreneurs. My blog also doubles as a hub for corporations, accelerators and startups worldwide to get familiar with Middle Eastern innovations, marketplace and startup ecosystem. Get in touch with me if you want to get acquainted or if you want me to be of any help.

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Investors interested to meet Middle Eastern startups. Would love to organize a rendezvous.

Helping Startups with their product & customer development efforts in the Arab market.

Startup Accelerators interested to up their game in building, running and promoting their accelerators. I can help..

Best startup books collection in one place. Entrepreneurship-related publications & reports.

Startup Events from around the world. Exhibitions, tweetups, hackathons and more…

Startup competitions, special startup discounts & links to top accelerators worldwide.

Some helpful tools, downloads & startups templates in here that can help your startup.

Arabic Entrepreneurship-related training materials, publications and curriculum.

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